Repair/rebalancing of battery packs

Are you suffering from limited range in your Nissan Leaf? Has it started to affect how usable the car is? Want to do something about it? Get in touch for a free estimate.

Individual cell failures are thankfully quite rare. 24kWh Leafs often degrade linearly over time. For these cars, a newer/upgraded battery makes more economical sense compared to the labour intensive process of replacing modules in the current one. However, 30kWh packs can get severely imbalanced over time. The rear stack usually degrades faster than the rest of the battery pack, probably due to heat. For these packs, replacing the degraded cells will restore the car completely. More information on this phenomena can be found here: EVs Enhanced - 30kWh cell failures

Rebalancing of battery packs

Re-pairing of battery packs

Changing the main battery pack in a Nissan Leaf to another one results in the error code P3102, which cause turtle mode with reduced engine power (limp-mode). This is because the cars control system is coded to the battery management system, and these two needs to be re-paired after a battery swap has been performed for the car to function normally.

This service has in the past only been available at Nissan dealerships, but now Dala´s EV Repair can offer this re-pairing service as well. This is achieved with the help of ‘EVs Enhanced HV Battery Pairing Tool’. We use this tool in-house when we do batteryswaps/upgrades, but can also offer this as a separate service for DIY people that would rather tinker with the battery themselves. Get in touch if you are in need of this service!

EVs Enhanced HV Battery Pairing Tool

Battery upgrades for the Nissan Leaf

Are you in need of more range from a single charge? Do you want to keep your electric car on the road longer? Do you want to increase the value of your EV? You’re in luck! A battery upgrade might just be the thing for you! Dala´s EV Repair is working hard on offering affordable battery upgrades for the 2011-2020 Nissan Leaf. There are currently two ways of performing a battery upgrade. The first way to upgrade has been around for some time but is being replaced by a newer, safer and quicker way.

History lesson: The ‘Bruteforce’ method relies on putting newer cells into the old battery casing and re-using everything related to the battery management system. The only positive of this swap is that it never causes any pairing issues, and you can upgrade to any lithium modules. The major downside is that this takes many more hours to swap everything out, and when everything is up and running the instrument cluster will show an incorrect range estimation. It also requires extreme caution and skill when doing a deep dive into the battery pack. Also depending on which cells you use, the battery management system will not behave correctly, so we NEVER perform this way of upgrading. See this link for more info

The “Clean” method to upgrade is much quicker and safer. This method works by mounting a CAN-bridge between the new battery and the car, to translate the newer battery pack data to a compatible format for the older car. There are currently a few suppliers that offer some form of this clean upgrade functionality, but we use our own version of the Muxsan CAN bridge to keep down cost. It also enables us to code any specific functionality we want, and allows us to upgrade freely between any Nissan LEAF battery pack size (24/30/40/62kWh)!

30kWh Leaf 30kWh modules Busbar
Approximate prices
  • Upgrade to 24kWh, 2700€
  • Upgrade to 30kWh, ~4000€
  • Upgrade to 40kWh, ~5500€
  • Upgrade to 62kWh, ~9990€ (Not performed yet!)

We are very flexible. We can source batteries or you can bring your own battery. As previously pointed out, please get in touch for a more correct estimate for your specific situation. Please note that battery availability is low, and it can take 1-3months to order. We can also supply the hardware and instructions needed for you to perform a battery upgrade on your own! Get in touch either way!

I want to do a DIY battery install and need CAN hardware!
I want to order a complete key in hand install (link to contact)

Lithium cells for sale

Are you in need of big lithium cells? Maybe complement a solar powerplant with a 10kWh battery? Used EV batteries are perfect for stationary installs. Get in touch for an offer! Selection changes constantly, here are some example prices.

70-90% State of health batteries, from a Nissan Leaf
  • One 0.5kWh 2S module, 100€/piece
  • One 1.25kWh 2S module, 200€/piece
    Discounts for bulk buys over 10x modules!
Lithium battery cell


Reduction gear oil change

You might not have noticed, but the Nissan Leaf has a tiny amount of oil in it! The reduction gear that translates power to the driveshafts is filled with ATF ‘Matic S’ fluid. This fluid generally lasts a very long time, but it might be beneficial to change it. By instead opting for a high-quality fluid, like Redline D6, you can lower the friction losses especially in cold climates. On a range limited EV, a few percentages lower losses can even result in a few kilometers of extra range!

Checking this oil is in the service manual every 24k km. (2011-2015 Leaf) Replace it yourself, or have us do it for you? Get in touch!

Aeromod#1: Modular grille-block off plates

Our first own product! Did you know you can squeeze out more range from your Leaf by improving its aerodynamic property? Gone are the days of using tape to aeromod your Leaf, instead use our 3d-printed, easily removable and modular grille block off plates. The front air intake on a Leaf is dimensioned to function in all climates from -40°C to +40°C, but here in Scandinavia you’ll never really need that much cooling. There is no drawback to closing it up, and if a +40°C heatwave strikes, the kit is modular, and a middle section can be removed.

Support Dala´s EV Repair by purchasing a kit today (Black, printed in PETG material), or if you want to 3d-print them yourself we have the .STL files below 😊

Download STL files from GitHub
Download STL files from Thingiverse

Leaf Battery to OBD2 cable

Here's something for the tinkerer! If you want to check the health status of a Leaf battery pack (maybe before buying one?) you need some way to connect to it. Gone are the days of searching high and low for a suitable connector, just grab our .STL file and 3d-print one!

This initial release supports 2013-2019 styled connectors. 2011-2012 design coming soon!

Check the link below for detailed instructions, schematics and a download link to the .STL file!

Download STL files from GitHub
Plug in use

BatterySaver v1.1

There are multiple ways to slow down lithium battery degradation over time. The most effective way is to keep the battery operating as cold as possible. Since the entire LEAF lineup is passively cooled, your only way of achieving this is by using the car in a cold climate. But what else can you do to prevent degradation? It is a well known fact that lithium batteries last longer when they spend less time fully charged.

Introducing the BatterySaver. It's a fully customizable maximum charge limiter, extending on the one that was originally shipped with 2011-2013 LEAFs. The OEM limiter only allowed setting two limiters, 80 and 100%. The BatterySaver can set the max charge percentage in six steps, 50, 58, 66, 75, 83, 92, 100 %

The BatterySaver software will be available on every MUXSAN CAN-bridge that Dala's EV Repair installs, free of charge.

Open Vehicle Monitoring System V3

Start heating remotely on any Gen1 Leaf? Monitor vehicle data in real time? Keep track of where you parked your car? If any sound like something you'd need, OVMS v3 is the product for you. Smartphone apps for both Android and iPhone. Did we mention it's open source software AND hardware?!

Native integration for the following vehicles

  • Fiat 500e
  • Kia e-Niro / Hyundai Kona
  • Kia Soul EV
  • Mitsubishi Trio (i-MiEV et al)
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Renault Twizy
  • Renault Zoe
  • Smart ED Gen.3
  • Smart ED/EQ Gen.4 (453)
  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Roadster

OVMS can be installed the DIY way, or you can let us do the heavy lifting. Get in touch for an estimate for your car.



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I am a huge fan of EVs. I truly believe this is the future for all types of transportation. I started Dala's EV Repair in 2019 when I found out just how expensive lithium battery replacements were. I was also not pleased with the locked down ecosystems all carmakers have when it comes to battery replacements. This prevents third-party shops from fixing cars up for a low cost. Having only expensive battery replacements will scare off potential EV-adopters, and even make people treat cars with a bad battery as disposable! Dala's EV Repair aims to correct this and even offer battery upgrades, which makes old EVs as desirable as new long range ones.

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