Here are some frequently asked questions regarding battery upgrades. The demand for this service is high, with people from all over the world inquiring about this. I’ve even taken in vehicles from outside of Finland to do these upgrades.

How soon can I get a 30/40/62kWh pack?

  • Due to limited supply, sourcing a 30/40kWh pack can take up to 3months. 62kWh packs haven’t been sourced to Finland yet. Be prepared for long wait times, especially if you need the 62kWh pack!

I am fine with a long wait, How do I start queuing for a battery upgrade?

  • A spot in the queue requires a 2k€ deposit. This deposit can be cancelled at any time if you change your mind about the upgrade. This deposit is needed since the battery packs are extremely sought after, and I need to be able to purchase them right when they hit the market.

How long does an upgrade take?

  • A battery upgrade takes 4-8 working hours (if your vehicle is rusty it takes longer)

How do I get my car to your shop?

  • If you can’t drive it, consider paying for a transport, there are multiple transportation companies that offer shipping of vehicles.

What warranties apply to the upgrade?

  • 2-year on the work performed, and 5year on the CAN-hardware installed.